ABSURDITY: Plaful ridiculousness. Mostly organic.

FACIAL MOVEMENTS: A request of the front part of the head to make a variety of expressions.

FEELS: Shorthand for "emotional feelings". Subject to personal resistence and comfort. Typically good and good for you.

GOOD TIME COERCIONS: Words and visual instruction persuading to actions of fun.

MAGICAL POWER: The appearance of super-human influence over the universe.

MOMENTS OF BEING: Important yet brief periods of full immersion into the task at hand.

SELF-CONFIDENCE:  A feel of trust in self-ability.

SILVER BULLET: A simple, singular action providing wide-ranging positive consequences. 

SCIENCE: Effectiveness systematically proven by qualified professionals.

DESTRUCTIVE SELF-TALK REDUCTION: Negative internal thoughts and chatter reduced or eliminated.

SUBCONSCIOUS ANSWERS: Knowledge privy only to the subconscious but retrievable using certain non-surgical methods.

UNSETTLEMENT: A pleasant mix of surprise and unease to create wonder about the nature of the universe. Toxic-free.

VOCALIZATIONS: A request of the throat part to make sounds.

WRITING: A request of the hand part to write in a notebook that will not be shared with anyone, including the Eureka Room.